Self Defense for Women 

What would you do if you found yourself faced with a violent or other dangerous situation? Would you run? Would you comply with your attacker's demands? Would you defend yourself? No two situations are the same, but you CAN develop a plan to help you survive an attack. After all, YOU are the one who is ultimately responsible for your personal safety.
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The R.A.D. Systems is a series of empowering programs that offers a holistic and non-threatening approach to learning self-defense. R.A.D. is not a martial arts program, but rather a mixture of risk awareness education and physical defense tools that are found to be most effective in a physical encounter.  

R.A.D. for Women

Instructional Objective:

"To develop and enhance the options of self defense, so they may become viable considerations to the woman who is attacked."

Basic Physical Defense for Women

The Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) Basic Physical Defense Program for Women is a 12-hour course offered exclusively to women and young women. A variety of topics are covered, with an emphasis on the "4 Risks of Personal Safety", physical defense techniques, and responsibility in decision-making.
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2019 Class Schedule

Fall Class
Has been cancelled.

Please Note:  Attendance at all sessions is required.
*Class location will be sent directly to those students who
are registered.

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A $15 equipment fee applies for first-time students. Payment is accepted at the first session.

Advanced Self-defense for Women

The R.A.D. Advanced Self-Defense Program for Women includes, in its entirety, 25 hours of advanced physical defense instruction. Designed to be broken up into 1/2-hour to 3-hour blocks, each section in this program provides students with a different physical technique that builds on skills and knowledge learned in the Basic program. Completion of the R.A.D. Basic Physical Defense Program is required for enrollment in any Advanced Self-Defense class.

​R.A.D. Program Coordinator

Sarah Maroney
Tel: 703-257-8064

**Class location will be sent directly to those students who are registered.

Free Return & Practice Policy

Once you take a class, don't stop there - R.A.D. offers a Free Return & Practice Policy so you can retake a class and practice your skills anytime, anywhere, for FREE.