Specialized Units

TRAFFIC SERVICES UNIT (MOTORS) is primarily responsible for speed enforcement. Members of this unit are trained in the safe operation of Police Motorcycles. The Traffic Services Unit provide other services such as traffic complaints, investigate traffic accidents, provide traffic direction, and participate in special events such as parades and escorts.

PUBLIC INFORMATION OFFICERS coordinate media relations activities for the Police Department by establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with members of the media and news media covering Police activity. The Public Information Officer answers media inquiries, provides interviews and information to members of the media, and distributes press releases to the media.

THE BICYCLE TEAM proactively patrols communities within the City of Manassas and is primarily responsible for interacting with citizens to resolve community problems.


POLICE K-9 UNIT tracks and locates individuals, suspect apprehension, evidence recovery, building searches, and drug detection. The K9 Unit also preforms K9 demonstrations upon request.​


SCHOOL RESOURCES OFFICERS are tasked with the general safety and security of their assigned school. School Resource Officers also investigate all crimes that occurred within their assigned schools with assistance from the Investigative Services Division.


THE INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES DIVISION is responsible for investigating all major crimes. Specifically, detectives assigned to Investigative Services Division investigate major crimes such as Crimes Against Persons, Crimes Against Property, Internet Crimes Against Children, White Collar Crime, Gang related crimes, and VICE/Narcotics crimes.

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FIELD TRAINING OFFICERS instruct and teach recruits who have recently graduated the academy to become proficient solo police officers.
INSTRUCTORS train within the department to assist every officer with proficiently improving their skills. Examples: Academy Instructors, Firearms, Emergency Vehicle Operator, or Defensive Tactics.


CRISIS NEGOTIATIONS UNIT are trained in negotiating strategies and conducting negotiations for situations such as stand offs, suicides, hostage situations, or kidnappings.The Crisis Negotiations Team also trains and operates in conjunction with the Emergency Services Unit.​


CRISIS INTERVENTION TEAM is a police mental health collaborative program that improves the way law enforcement and the community respond to people who are experiencing mental health crises.​


FORENSIC UNIT responds to major crime scenes and collects all evidence to successfully prosecute cases.

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CIVIL DISTURBANCE UNIT is trained in maintaining the peace and order at planned demonstrations or other large venues. They can effectively deploy countermeasures with both a hostile crowd and a passive crowd.


COMMUNITY SERVICES SECTION is responsible for facilitating police and community relations with the residents of the City of Manassas and its businesses. They educate the community on topics such as workplace violence, personal safety, Neighborhood Watch, security surveys or "Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design" (CPTED), internet safety presentations, identity theft awareness, child safe programs, and crime involving the elderly.

EMERGENCY SERVICES UNIT is a specialty trained unit that is responsible for resolving high-risk, evolving situations to a peaceful resolution with minimal loss of life, injury, or property damage.​​​