Service/Special Tax Districts

For properties located in the districts listed below, the indicated levy is added to the base real estate tax rate. The base tax rate and additional district rates are set annually by the City Council as part of the budget process. The tax rates listed are for taxes due December 5, 2019 and June 5, 2020. If you have any questions or would like to determine if your property is located in the special tax district, please contact our office.

Tax Districts

  • Owens Brook: This tax district operates with a levy of $0.109 per $100 of the assessed value on residential properties located in the Owens Brook district.
  • Manassas Fire and Rescue District: This district within the entire City of Manassas operates with a levy of $0.197  per $100 of the assessed value for all properties located in the City of Manassas.